VT Guide

Your guide to Voluntary Termination

Voluntary termination is a legal right that allows you to hand back your vehicle, financed on either a Personal Contract Plan or Conditional Sale agreement and end your agreement early. As this is your consumer right and if you meet the deadlines, doing so will not negatively impact your credit file. However, please be aware a Voluntary Termination marker will remain on your credit file and will be visible to Lenders in a future credit search.


To exercise your right to voluntary terminate and hand back your vehicle you must pay, or have paid, at least half of the total amount payable under the agreement. You can find details of the amount you need to pay on the front page of your finance agreement under the section ‘Termination: your rights’. You will also be liable for any arrears and excess mileage charges (if applicable).


Any damages that fall outside of reasonable wear and tear will be identified during the vehicle inspection. Before you commit to voluntarily terminate your vehicle, you may wish to take the opportunity to repair any damages to your vehicle which fall outside of fair wear and tear. If you choose not to make these repairs, you will be held liable for the damages, as outlined in “Step 5” below. Any repairs must be to manufacturer standard. Please review our Damage Charge Matrix (PDF) and Wear and Tear Guide outlining any applicable charges for damage to the vehicle.


If you have purchased any additional insurance products such as GAP or Re-Fresh, these will need to be paid in full. If you wish to cancel your insurance policy or policies, you will need to contact your insurer(s). Please refer to your insurance policy documents for the terms and conditions and contact details of your insurer.


If you wish to exercise your right to voluntarily terminate, below is a the step-by-step process you will need to follow, which also sets out important links and a list of our most common FAQs.


To enquire about your Voluntary Termination figures please send a quotation request by email to OVF-VT@vauxhallfinance.com.


You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Your Registration and Agreement Number


We will then advise you of your Voluntary Termination quote via email.


If you have already paid at least half of the total amount payable under this agreement plus any overdue instalments and have taken reasonable care of the goods, you will not have to pay any more.


Please also review our damage charge matrix (PDF) and wear and tear guide outlining any applicable charges for damage to the vehicle.


Please note – due to current C19 situation if you select to drop your vehicle off to Auction the inspection will not be completed at the time. You will be contacted once the vehicle has been inspected to confirm the damage that has been noted. The vehicle will not be able to be returned.


If you would like to proceed with the Voluntary Termination you can do so by replying to your Voluntary Termination Quotation email or by post.


You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your registration and agreement number
  • Which handback option, drop-off or collection (at an additional fee)
  • An up-to-date contact telephone number


By doing this, you also confirm that you understand the process, damage charge matrix (PDF) , VT Checklistwear and tear guide and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out there in.


Once we have received a written confirmation from you that you would like to voluntarily terminate your agreement, it will automatically terminate the agreement and, unfortunately, it is not possible to revoke or withdraw your request. If you have changed your mind, you may be able to retain (and take ownership of) the vehicle by making payment of the full balance of the agreement which was outstanding immediately before your voluntary termination request.


If you do not wish to proceed with the Voluntary Termination no further action is required.


Person signing paperwork

On receipt of your confirmation email we will process your Voluntary Termination. In doing so we will cancel your direct debit.

Within 3 working days our vendor will contact you to arrange an appointment for your vehicle to either be inspected and collected or for you to drop the vehicle to the Inspection Centre.

Following the Voluntary Termination of your agreement the vehicle will belong to Vauxhall Finance and you will no longer have our permission to retain possession of the vehicle. As such a return appointment will need to be made as soon as is convenient.
If you fail to make a return appointment within a maximum of 14 days from your confirmation date we will make arrangements with our agents to collect your vehicle, and you will become liable for any additional costs relating to this.


We recommend you keep the vehicle insured until the vehicle has been returned. The vehicle should have a valid MOT if applicable and be returned with a full service history since you purchased the vehicle. Any repairs needed should have been done before returning it to us, and must be done in accordance with the manufacturer.


Please make sure your car is road legal, clean and has at least a quarter of a tank of fuel for the day of collection. If you wish to retain your private registration, please complete the necessary paperwork via the DVLA ( this can take up to six weeks).


The vehicle must be available for inspection in an open environment, the interior and exterior should be valeted, cleaned and cleared of all rubbish to enable the inspector to move freely around the vehicle and carry out the inspection in detail.

Person looking at a car and filling in a checklist


If you chose to return your vehicle directly to the auction house, they will inspect the vehicle with you present during the return appointment and you will leave the car on their site. You can find a full list of drop off locations in the FAQs below.
Alternatively, at an additional fee, you can book a collection service and our inspection agency will collect your vehicle directly after the inspection at your address.


You are required to send the yellow slip of your V5 document to the DVLA at this point. Please see the FAQ ‘What do I do with my V5?’


At the Auction Centre your vehicle will undergo a full assessment in order to identify any cost and damages that lie outside of fair wear and tear.


Please review our damage charge matrix (PDF) and wear and tear guide  outlining any applicable charges for damage to the vehicle.

If there is any outstanding balance (including excess mileage or any damages), we, or a third party acting on our behalf, will contact you regarding repayment within 10 working days.
When all liabilities have been settled, Vauxhall Finance will close your account and update all relevant credit agencies. 
Person holding a credit card and typing on a tablet device



This will help you identify any damage that does not constitute fair wear and tear and requires repair. We are legally allowed to claim compensation for any damages, as detailed in our fair wear and tear guide. 

Use the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide and these key tips when appraising your vehicle:
  • If possible, carry out the appraisal of the vehicle as far in advance as possible before the vehicle is due for return. This will allow you to arrange to have any unacceptable wear and tear rectified if you wish to rectify any damages yourself.
  • Appraise the vehicle as honestly as you can – be objective. Ask a friend or colleague to help you.
  • Choose a time and place with good light. Appraisals carried out in poor light invariably miss some faults.
  • Before appraising the vehicle, make sure that it has been washed and is thoroughly clean but remember to allow time for it to dry. Water on the paintwork can mask faults.
  • Walk all the way around the vehicle and examine closely each panel including the roof, bonnet, doors, and body for significant damage. Observe where the light is reflected differently from dents and scratches.
  • Crouch or kneel down at the front and rear of the vehicle and look along the bodyline on each side. This will help you see scratches and dents that may otherwise be difficult to spot.
  • Inspect lamps, lenses, windows and mirrors for chips, cracks and holes.
  • Check the tyres (including spare) for damage. Check that the wear on the tread across each tyre is even. Inspect wheels, wheel trims and wheel spokes for scratches and deterioration.
  • Clean and valet the interior.
  • Check upholstered areas for odours, tears, burns, stains and wear.
  • Inspect all controls, including audio equipment and accessories – they should be present and fully functional.

Important information for personalised plates

If you want to keep a personalised registration this must be complete before the vehicle return date or you are at risk of losing this registration number. Vauxhall Finance will not be held responsible for the loss of a personalised number plate.

On the day you hand the car back you must have the Log Book available to leave with the inspector and in the correct registration if you have a personalised plate.

You will also need to complete the yellow slip in the V5.

By post:

Please fill in and send the yellow slip on the V5 to the DVLA. Read the information required section below to see what information will need to provide on this slip. This process will take approximately 4 weeks for the DVLA to confirm you are no longer the keeper.


Please visit the DVLA website and provide the information below online. Please note, you will need to select that you are a Motor Trader on the form to progress.

Information required 

Date of sale: Enter the date your vehicle was collected.

Name and address of the motor trader: Vauxhall Finance Heol-y-Gamlas, Parc Nantgarw, Treforest, CF15 7QU.

Do not complete any other section of the V5 documentation as this will invalidate your V5 and a £250.00 charge will be incurred.

Once the vehicle has been inspected and collected from or handed back to your chosen location your vehicle will undergo a full assessment. This is to identify any cost and damages that lie outside of fair wear and tear. We will contact you within 10 working days after the final inspection to discuss any outstanding liability on your agreement including the collection fee.

Once we receive your request to VT, your agreement will terminate and legally we are obliged to process this request. Once received, we cannot reinstate your agreement.

Please note that the requirements below must be met. Failure to do so will result in charges becoming payable, as outlined below. You are responsible for the following:

1. If your account is in arrears, payment must be made to bring your account back up to date.

2. You must be in possession of the vehicle and must make the vehicle available for inspection. You will remain responsible for the vehicle until it is handed over to us or our inspection agents. Any damage to the vehicle before handover is your responsibility.

3. You will be required to present the V5 upon inspection of the vehicle. Details on how to do this can be found in the FAQs under the ‘What do I do with my V5?’ section. If you do not have or do not supply this document, a charge of £250.00 (VAT not applicable) will become payable by you to Vauxhall Finance.

4. You must supply up to date service history documentation upon inspection of the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you do not have a full service history or do not supply the documents, a charge of £270.00 (VAT not included) will become payable by you.

5. If you purchased GAP or other insurance or warranty products, such policies will not be terminated automatically as part of the Voluntary Termination process, and you will be required to continue to pay for any additional insurance product(s). If you wish to cancel your insurance policy or policies, you will need to contact your insurer(s). Please refer to your insurance policy documents for the terms and conditions and contact details of your insurer. You may be entitled to a rebate on interest as a result of early settlement.

6. If you wish to retain a private registration plate, you must change the registration plate before you end your agreement (which can take at least six weeks). If you have not changed your private registration plate but still wish to proceed with the Voluntary Termination of your Agreement, you will have to return the vehicle with the private registration plates (which we are not able to return to you).

7. If applicable, a valid MOT certificate must be made available upon inspection of the vehicle. If you do not have or do not supply the document, a charge of £350.00 (VAT not applicable) will become payable by you.

8. The MOT and road fund licence must be kept up to date until the vehicle is returned. If the tax expires during the termination process then you must complete the Statutory Off-Road Notice, return this to the DVLA and provide us with a copy.

9. You will need to make arrangements with our voluntary termination team to either:

a) return the vehicle to our inspection agent’s premises free of charge (where the vehicle inspection will take place); or b) book our optional collection/inspection service at your address, for which a charge of £100.00 inc VAT will be payable. One of our collection agents will contact you to collect the above fee. If you do not hear from our collection agent within 10 days of signing and returning your Voluntary Termination documents, please contact us.

10. The vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition at the time of inspection. This means that it must be legally drivable with a valid MOT certificate (if applicable). If it is not in a condition to be driven without danger, and safe and secure, you must notify Vauxhall Finance or our inspection agent when making the inspection/return/collection appointment. Should your vehicle require a tow-truck collection, then a standard charge of £36.00 inc VAT will payable by you, as well as a mileage fee charged at £1.20 per mile from the collection address to the closest auction house and any costs to restore the vehicle to a roadworthy condition. If you have failed to tell us that the vehicle is not roadworthy before the inspection, the inspection and collection process will have to be terminated and rescheduled. You will also have to compensate us for any additional costs we incur. If you select the collection option (as above) you will also have to pay a fee of £102.00 inc VAT to cover the costs of the failed appointment, rescheduling and the additional collection.

11. The vehicle mileage will be recorded at the time of the inspection and any excess mileage over the agreed allowance in your agreement will be calculated and charged in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof (if applicable).

12. If the inspection identifies that the vehicle’s condition is not considered reasonable for its age and mileage (please refer to the Wear and Tear Guide), either:

i) We will be entitled to charge you additional amounts to cover the cost of any necessary repairs or compensation for its reduced resale value; or ii) you have the option to postpone the return/collection of the vehicle to enable you to carry out the repairs yourself before returning the vehicle. You will need to pay a fee of £102.00 inc VAT to schedule an inspection after you have carried out the relevant repairs (which covers the re-inspection and collection/return appointment). Any repair work conducted must be in accordance with the requirements set out in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide. You will then need to contact our inspection agent to arrange re-inspection and collection/return.

13. Once you have made an inspection/collection or return appointment for the vehicle, you are responsible for ensuring that the appointment is kept. If you fail to keep an appointment, then you will become liable to pay a missed appointment fee of £102.00 inc VAT. Should you need to rearrange your appointment, you must inform our inspection agent no later than 4pm on the day before the appointment is scheduled (please note this does not include weekends) or you will be charged the above missed appointment fee.

14. Once the vehicle has been inspected, the inspection agent will give you a copy of the vehicle inspection report and you will be liable to pay for any repair costs being in excess of “fair wear and tear” as identified during the inspection.

15. You remain responsible for the vehicle until the vehicle is handed over to Vauxhall Finance or its inspection agent. If the Vehicle is damaged after inspection but before the vehicle is returned to us or our inspection agent (i.e. whilst still in your possession), you will have to pay our reasonable costs to repair the damage. If our inspection agent is collecting the vehicle, you will remain responsible for the vehicle until they have collected it.

When we receive written confirmation from you stating you would like to proceed with the Voluntary Termination we will then cancel your Direct Debit meaning no further payments will be taken. Should a payment clear after we have cancelled your direct debit this amount will be deducted from any outstanding liability. If there is no remaining liability we will refund you the full amount.

The vehicle mileage will be recorded at the time of the inspection and any excess mileage over the agreed allowance in your agreement will be calculated and charged in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof (if applicable).

Fair wear and tear occurs with day-to-day usage of the vehicle. This usage causes deterioration to a vehicle, for example, items may lose their shine or general material fabrics may look a little worn. However, fair wear and tear does not cover damage which occurs as a result of a specific event or series of events such as impact, inappropriate stowing of items, harsh treatment of controls or fabrics, negligent acts or omissions. 

To avoid incurring a collection fee you can drop your vehicle off at one of the following locations below.

Please note: you will need to advise us via phone or e-mail if this is your required option.


List of Vauxhall Approved Auction Houses

Please indicate the option you prefer:

Aston Barclay Auctions Chelmsford Drovers Way, Chelmsford, CM2 5PP Telephone Number: 01245 450 700

Aston Barclay Auctions Donington Park Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2RP Telephone Number: 01332 913 070

Aston Barclay Auctions Prees Heath Heath Road, Whitchurch, SY13 2AE Telephone Number: 01948 663 166

Aston Barclay Auctions Wakefield Hillidge Road, Leeds, LS10 1DE Telephone Number: 0113 230 0808

Aston Barclay Auctions Westbury Brook Lane, Westbury, BA13 4EN Telephone Number: 01373 827 777

City Auction Group Belfast, 10 Comber Road, Carryduff, Belfast, BT8 8AN

Manheim Inspection Services Shotts Stane Rd, Shotts, ML7, 5NH Telephone Number: 0333 136 1025

Opening Hours Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm