VT Checklist

Your responsibilities

Please note that the requirements below must be met. Failure to do so will result in charges becoming payable, as outlined below.


You are responsible for the following:

  1. You must be in possession of the vehicle.
  1. You will be required to present the V5 upon inspection of the vehicle. You must complete the yellow section of the V5 document with the following details: Vauxhall Finance, Heol-y-Gamlas, Parc Nantgarw, Treforest, Cardiff, CF15 7QU (no signature or VAT number required) and return it to the DVLA (address on the back of the V5) after your vehicle is returned to us. If you do not have or do not supply this document, a charge of £250.00 (VAT not applicable) will become payable by you.
  1. You must supply up to date service history documentation upon inspection of the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you do not have or do not supply the documents, a charge of £270.00 (VAT not included) will become payable by you.
  1. If you purchased GAP or other insurance or warranty products, such policies will not be terminated automatically as part of the Voluntary Termination process, and you will be required to pay for the product(s). If you wish to cancel your policy or policies, you will need to contact your insurer(s). Please refer to your policy documents for the applicable contact details. You may be entitled to a rebate on interest as a result of early settlement.
  1. If you wish to retain a private registration plate, you must change the registration plate before you end your agreement (which can take at least six weeks). If you have not changed your private registration plate but still wish to proceed with the Voluntary Termination of your Agreement, you will have to return the vehicle with the private registration plates (which we are not able to return to you).
  1. If applicable, a valid MOT certificate must be made available upon inspection of the vehicle. If you do not have or do not supply the document, a charge of £350.00 (VAT not applicable) will become payable by you.
  1. You will need to make arrangements with our voluntary termination team to either:
    • i) return the vehicle to our inspection agent’s premises free of charge (where the vehicle inspection will take place); or
    • ii) book our optional collection/inspection service at your address, for which a charge of £100.00 inc VAT will be payable. One of our collection agents will contact you to collect the above fee. If you do not hear from our collection agent within 10 days of signing and returning a signed copy of this checklist to us, please contact us.
  1. The vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition at the time of inspection. This means that it must be legally drivable with a valid MOT certificate (if applicable). If it is not legally driveable, you must notify Vauxhall Finance or our inspection agent when making the inspection/return/collection appointment. Should your vehicle require a tow-truck collection, then the collection fee of £100.00 plus a standard charge of £36.00 inc VAT will payable by you, as well as a mileage fee charged at £1.20 per mile from the collection address to the closest auction house and as well as any costs to restore the vehicle to a roadworthy condition. If you have not told us that the vehicle is un-roadworthy before the inspection, the inspection and collection process will have to be terminated and rescheduled. If you select the collection option (as above) you will also have to pay a fee of £102.00 inc VAT to cover the costs of the failed appointment and rescheduling.
  1. If the inspection identifies that the vehicle’s condition is not considered reasonable for its age and mileage (please refer to the Wear and Tear Guide), either:

 i.) if returned in this condition, Vauxhall Finance will be entitled to charge you additional amounts to cover the cost of any necessary repairs or compensation for its reduced resale value; or 

ii.) you may decide to postpone the return/collection of the vehicle to enable you to carry out the works before handing the vehicle back. As the inspection agent will have already carried out the inspection, you will need to pay a fee of £102.00 inc VAT (as discussed in Section 8) to schedule the re-inspection and collection/return appointment. Any repair work conducted must be in accordance with the requirements set out in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide. You will then need to contact our inspection agent to arrange re-inspection and collection/return.
  1. Once you have made an inspection/collection or return appointment for the vehicle, you are responsible for ensuring that the appointment is kept. If you fail to keep an appointment, then you will become liable to pay a missed appointment fee of £102.00 inc VAT (as discussed in Section 8). Should you need to rearrange your appointment, you must inform our inspection agent no later than 4pm the day before the appointment is scheduled or you will be charged the above missed appointment fee.

  2. Once the vehicle has been inspected, the inspection agent will give you a copy of the vehicle inspection report and you will be liable to pay for any repair costs being in excess of “fair wear and tear” as identified during the inspection.

  3. You remain responsible for the vehicle until the vehicle is handed over to Vauxhall Finance or its inspection agent. If the Vehicle is damaged after inspection and but before the vehicle is returned to us or our inspection agent (i.e. whilst still in your possession), you will have to pay our reasonable costs to repair the damage. If our inspection agent is collecting the vehicle, you will remain responsible for the vehicle until they have collected it.

Once we have received a written confirmation from you that you would like to voluntarily terminate your agreement, it will automatically terminate the agreement and, unfortunately, it is not possible to revoke or withdraw your request. If you have changed your mind, you may be able to retain (and take ownership of) the vehicle by making payment of the full balance of the agreement which was outstanding immediately before your voluntary termination request. Please contact us on 0344 871 5595 to discuss your options further.