Signing up to CS Link is very easy and fast, simply follow the link and ensure you have your Vehicle Registration or agreement number to hand to access your account, we will then go through some security with you and set up your username and password to use!

On your CS Link you can check

• An overall summary of the position of your account
• Your address
• Your vehicle details
• Contract schedule
• Contract/payment history (can be downloaded as an excel spreadsheet)
• Personal details
• Settlement quote (and save it as a PDF)
• Manual payments (up to £999)
• Service requests Create a settlement quote

On your CS Link you can change

• Any personal details – address, contact details (email and phone)
• Create yourself a settlement quote
• Make and control manual payments
• Enter your bank details and configure your direct debit
• Change the due date of your payments

CS Link is only for private individual (non-business) customers that hold a PCP or Conditional Sale contract with us.


If you cannot login because you have forgotten your password and or username please follow this link. Please click the Forgotten Username or Password link, you can then follow the process to request a new password or a reminder of your username.

Visit CS Link and hit the ‘Register Now’ text above the username and password box.

Follow the information required on the registration page. You will need your agreement or vehicle registration number to hand.


If you need further assistance please see our step-by-step guide here.

The easiest way to receive your settlement figure is through CS Link; on your account you can generate this figure under the ‘Settlement Quote’ menu item. You can then export this as a PDF so you can bring it to the dealership by clicking ‘Settlement Quote Report’.

The settlement quote will last only for 30 days, but will not consider a recent payment within that month period (it will not subtract any payments automatically within this period). If your quote runs out you can request a new one at any time and as many times as you would like.


If you are interested in a new car and haven’t visited a Retailer to test drive yet, please check out the Vauxhall website and browse the range.

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The best way to find out how much is outstanding on your agreement and the remaining term, is to access your online account CS Link, where you can look at your payment history, contract schedule and generate a settlement figure throughout your agreement period with us.

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You can make a partial early settlement at any point throughout your agreement and as many times as you would like.

You can make payments online through CS Link:

  • If your payment is less than £1,000
  • If you want to make a partial early settlement, and reduce your remaining regular payment amounts* †

Alternatively, please contact our customer service team on 0344 871 2222, Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM if you want to:

  • Make a payment greater than £1,000
  • Make an advanced payment in place of your regular direct debit
  • If you want to make a partial early settlement, and reduce your contract length †

Please note:

* We will pay the partial early payment into your account, work out any rebate to which you may be entitled, and also apply this to the account. We will write to you in 10 days to advise you of your new regular repayments.

† If applicable, your partial payment will be applied firstly to pay off any arrears, late payment interest and charges, before being applied to partially early settle your account. If your next regular payment is due in the next 7 days, we will process your partial early settlement on the working day following this payment.

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Manage your account online
A simple, fast and free way to consult and modify your personal data.

View your loan details

Generate a settlement quote.

Change your bank details.

Make a payment online.

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