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Welcome to the Vauxhall Finance dealer support page. Here you can find links to all the Vauxhall Finance tools you need, answers to the most frequently asked questions and a live chat service to our support team.

When an agent is free and available to talk to you, a live chat icon will appear in the bottom right. Live chat is available between the hours of 8:30AM and 6PM, Monday to Friday and 9AM to 5PM on Saturday.



If your quote won’t calculate, a dialogue box will appear advising you what needs to be rectified.

If you’re still experiencing issues calculating a quote after addressing all points in the dialogue box, please contact your Vauxhall Finance Account Manager.

If the plan you are looking for is unavailable, please check that the vehicle type and customer type qualifies for the plan.

If the plan is still not available, please contact your Vauxhall Account Manager.

If the vehicle specification is unavailable, click the box next to ‘Discontinued models’ and search for the specification again.

If you are still unable to find the correct specification, please contact your Vauxhall Account Manager.

You can generate a settlement figure by simply selecting the ‘Settlement’ tab on Genesis and then entering either the Agreement Number or the Registration Number, Surname and Registered Post Code of the account holder. Then press ‘Quote’ to generate the settlement figure.

The customer should always be present and DPA checks completed before supplying a settlement figure.

  • Ensure all customer information is input correctly. Customer name, date of birth, house number and postcode need to be correct to generate a credit bureau search.

  • Provide the correct minimum last 3 years address history for the customer. Inconsistencies can be identified and will be questioned potentially delaying a final decision.

You can add up to £500 VAPS after approval, without having to resubmit to Underwriting. You can simply add the VAPS on in the ‘details’ screen and then recalculate your quote to get the new repayments.

Customers should provide a full UK Driving Licence in the first instance. If the customer provides an alternate source of ID we’ll require some explanation as to why their full UK Driving Licence hasn’t been provided. 


Using a Full UK Driver’s License enables us to: 


    • Speed up the approval process as we can use software to auto-approve many more applications 
    • Simplify the approval of customers as all of their details are contained on one document 
    • Eliminate any errors in capturing customer details such as name, address, date of birth 
    • Help prevent & reduce fraud 
Alternative forms of ID:
  • Expired UK driving licence(i.e. photo) must be accompanied by an alternative ID proof and a proof of current address within the past 90 days
  • Non-UK driving licence must be accompanied by another ID If no driving licence is available for a non-UK national, 2 ID proofs will be required
  • Non-EU passport or Non-EU driving licence must be accompanied by a UK residency permit, student visa or Home Office ‘leave to remain’ document
  • Valid passport or front and back of ID card
  • HMRC documentation dated within the past tax year containing National Insurance number (Deed Poll Certificate also acceptable)
  • UK benefits &/or pensions letter, dated within the past tax year. Note that private pension letters are not acceptable
  • Valid Firearms/Shotgun certificate
  • Valid Armed Forces ID card
  • Valid Northern Ireland ID card (issued by Electoral Office)

No. When using Self-Billing Invoicing, you do not need to provide a manual invoice as the Self-Billing Invoice will form your taxable document.

Firstly, make sure you have provided a valid email address and mobile number. After, complete all required information on the Marketing Consent section; make sure you have printed the Information Sheet and included the customers’ bank details and the registration number of the vehicle on Genesis.

For contract documents with a barcode at the top of the page, please upload as ‘Payout’ documents. You will find this under ‘Attach documents’ in the Documents tab on Genesis.

For any other document, please upload as ‘Other’ document, remembering to note the name of that document before uploading.

You can download the latest Vauxhall Finance Guide to First time Payout here.

Please find the latest Dealer Satisfaction metrics below.