What is the PCP handback process?

To find out in more detail about the vehicle handback process download the relevant documents on the Finance -> PCP page within the ‘What happens at the end of my agreement?’ section.


Firstly, you will need to contact us to notify us of your intention to handback the vehicle. Please see the PCP end of term letter for details on how to do this.


We will send out the appropriate information to your dealership, once you have notified us and when the final instalment has been paid.


Your final payment (sometimes known as guaranteed future value, GFV or balloon payment) does not need to be paid in order to handback the vehicle.


You can accelerate your handback by paying up to 3 instalments early, by contacting our customer service centre.


You should return the vehicle no later than one day before the final payment is due. Your appointment with the Retailer should be mutually agreed beforehand, so that the entire process can be completed by the final payment (GFV) date.