Firstly, on behalf of Vauxhall Finance plc, please allow us to extend our sincere sympathies to you and your family at this time.
Please notify us by sending us a copy of the death certificate and covering letter confirming the executor’s details to general enquiries email or post to:

Vauxhall Finance


Parc Nantgarw



CF15 7QU


Once we have received this information we will update the account and send a letter or email explaining your finance agreement options. You can also view your options here:


1. The outstanding finance can be settled in full. To obtain the settlement quote please login to CS Link.


2. The executor of the estate may take over the agreement or nominate a third party, for further details, please contact our Late Stage Collections on 0344 871 5602; alternatively you could request this in writing and our Customer Relations Team will send out the relevant documentation.


3. The vehicle may be returned to us. The deceased’s estate will be liable for any shortfall balance following re-sale of the vehicle at auction. Our Recoveries department will notify you of any remaining shortfall sums due after the vehicle has been sold, please write in to request this option.


4. The executor of the estate can exercise the right to voluntarily terminate the finance agreement and hand back the vehicle. To do so at least half of the total amount payable (as set out in the agreement) must be paid. We can send these details to you upon request. The deceased’s estate will also be liable for any arrears, excess mileage and damage charges (if applicable).