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Vauxhall Finance offers a variety of different insurance products to help you feel safe and secure while driving your car.

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Write Offs

1 out of every 83 drivers will write their car off yearly.
This represents almost 400,000 vehicles per annum.*

Car Theft

A car is stolen every 5 minutes in the UK.
Car thefts have increased 45% over the last 5 years.**

Counting the cost

Insurers paid out £376 million for stolen cars in 2018.†
Over £1 billion of written off cars in 2016.*

* (GONE IN 90 SECONDS: ONE CAR WRITTEN OFF EVERY  MINUTE-AND-A-HALF IN THE UK) Online article published 26 May 2017

** (A car is stolen every 5 minutes in the UK - here are the country's theft hot spots) Online article published 14th June 2019.

† (Car Theft Group Test - Britain's Most Secure Cars 2019) Online Article published 7th August 2019.