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Find out more about Vauxhall Finance's GAP Insurance


I​f your car is written off, through theft or an accident, your motor insurer may only pay for part of the original purchase value.

GAP insurance can help fill the shortfall between your motor insurance settlement and the amount you originally paid for your vehicle, the cost of a replacement vehicle or repay the outstanding finance on your vehicle, depending on the level of cover purchased.


  • Over £1 billion of written off cars were claimed in 2016*
  • One in every 83 drivers has their car written off every year* 
  • There were nearly 97,150 vehicle thefts in the Year to March 2017**
* (GONE IN 90 SECONDS: ONE CAR WRITTEN OFF EVERY MINUTE-AND-A-HALF IN THE UK) Online article published 26 May 2017 
** (UK vehicle thefts jump 20% in biggest crime spike for a decade) Online article published 21 July 2017 

Find out more about Vauxhall Finance's 5* Rated GAP Insurance in the PDF brochure below:

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